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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 13, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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>> the late show with stephen colbert is man." she didn't tell me want money part. when i tell my jewish friends now, i say, "i had a bar mitzvah." and they say, "how much did you get?" and i go to my mother, wrstles the money part. and she said we couldn't do the money part. >> stephen: areewish. >> miew mother is jewish. she threw me into the bar mitzvah. i don't think it works like that. you don't get grandfathered in. it's not like obamacare. i don't get to come in just because i'm under a certain age. >> stephen: okay, all right. ( applause ) all right, let's talk-- let's talk about the news for just a moment, because i know you have to do your jo show. what do you think of what i called the kabuki theater of this week, where trump is pretending to be unhappy, and the democrats are pretengd they didn't give him something he
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wanted. what do you make this >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." >> tonight, on the fence about the wall. plus, stephen welcomes trevor noah and natasha lyonne featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: lovely. please sit down. welcome, welcome one and all to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. and you know-- ( cheers and applause ) that's nice. isn't that nice?
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not everybody gets that at their work. that's lovely. it's so nice that you're happy to see me because i'm happy to see you. i really like coming out here and talking to you people every night. you're friendly. you're attractive. you smell good. and i just like talking about what people have been talking about all day. i'm thinking about it. you're thinking about it. it gives me a chance to work through what just happened and try to figure out what it means, which made today tough, because the one thing everyone is talking about-- trump signing or not signing the border wall deal-- doesn't mean anything. i truly believe that years from now, people are going to look back on this day and say, "why are we looking back on that day?" ( laughter ) >> jon: i don't even know. >> stephen: because we're supposed to care whether trump won and nancy lost. or trump caved and nancy's dancing in the end zone. but nothing, nothing that's
11:38 pm
happened in government in 2019 has affected anyone. where's the infrastructure bill? where's the immigration deal? where's the fix on healthcare? we are celebrating-- or supposed to be celebrating-- that they are close to a deal to achieve the absolute minimum-- having a government. you know what i'm saying, chris. ( cheers and applause ) you know what i'm saying. you know what i'm saying. this is like celebrating-- that's like celebrating that your child finally used the potty-- on his first day of medical school. ( laughter ) this is not impressive. it's not impressive anymore. everything else, everything you're hearing in the news just kabuki theater. for instance, trump said this about the bill: >> i can't say i'm happy. i can't say i'm thrilled. >> stephen: but his people can say he's going to sign the bill. this is just engaging in "foot-dragging theatrics" for his base. he's got to do "the dance to get
11:39 pm
to yes, which is a refreshing change from trump's usual m.o., "the grope to get past no." now, this afternoon-- ( cheers and applause ) true story. that's based on a true story, that joke. this afternoon, trump had a photo-op with the president of clb, and while there, he pretended he was still undecided because he hadn't read it yet. >> well, we haven't gotten it yet. we'll be getting it. we'll be looking for land mines, because you could have that. ( laughter ) >> stephen (as trump): "oh, did i mention? in addition to the wall, i want land mines. ( laughter ) i want land mines. i want pits, moats filled with spikes, and fire, and, of course, fire-proof crocodiles. i said that many times. yes." and just like they rehearsed, both sides are claiming victory. take house minority leader and man indicating how many latinos he wants in america, kevin
11:40 pm
mccarthy. kev told cnbc, "you've got to remember where nancy pelosi was-- she who said no money for a wall. that's not the case. democrats have now agreed to more than 55 miles of new barrier being built." yes, 55 of the 2,000 miles of border wall trump asked for. just another example of trump's slogan, "promises made, promises 3% kept." it's something! it's something. >> jon: some percentage of the promise. >> stephen: gosh darn it. it's something, right? of course, democrat congressman nita lowey claimed trump didn't get what he wanted: >> this is not a wall. this is a barrier. >> stephen: oh! not a wall, a barrier. a clinching legal argument, first made in the landmark case, "potato v po-tah-to." ( laughter ) february if trump gets his funding, there's an unlikely
11:41 pm
obstacle on the border, to his border obstacles, and it's butterflies. or as mike pence calls them, gay moths. of. >> jon: i never heard them called that before. i don't call them that. >> stephen: we're grown-ups. because down in texas, "the national butterfly center is asking a court to stop federal officials from building a border wall across its land." and we wouldn't want butterflies to get trapped on one side of a border wall. how would they get past it? a tunnel? ( laughter ) the actual problem isn't for the butterflies, of course. it's for the people who work to preserve them on their southern migratory route, because the wall would cut the 100-acre property in two, with as much as 70% of the land inaccessible. and the people at the butterfly center say they've already found
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government contractors cutting down their trees and mowing down brush that provides critical habitat for butterflies. ( booing ) it's like trump's people are saying, "i know kids in cagesedt buttflies!"the ( laughter ) i am surprised trump's letting them get away with this. after all, he's got a lot in common with butterflies: they're both fragile creatures with bright, iridescent coloring, and paper-thin skin. it's just that trump never left his larval form. ( applause ) oh, in case you were sleeping too well at night, there's a sinister new op-ed from vladimir putin's personal adviser and wistful mr. bean, vladislav surkov. and i'll tell you all about it in tonight's "russia roundup." >> ye-haw!
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ye-haw! >> stephen sctly addressed russian election interference. here's a spooky little taste of his creepy caviar: "foreign politicians talk about russia's interference in elections. in fact, the matter is even more serious. russia interferes in your brains. we change your conscience, and there is nothing you can do about it." oh, really? oh, really? interfere with my brain? that is... wonderful news, thank you, mother russia, glorious nation and number one exporter of the delicious turnip. give me turnips. ( applause ) anyway, russia, if you are in my brain, the joke's on you, 'cause now you know the lyrics to every single steely dan song. ( laughter ) good luck getting "dirty work" out of your head tonight. there is nothing you can do
11:44 pm
surkov continued, saying that putin's political regime "clearly has significant export potential," and that "putinism is the ideology of the future." (as russian): "yes, putinism is like j. crew catalog-- when it shows up in your home, you say, 'i did not subscribe to this.' but is too late, and now you must order large turtleneck." speaking of international criminals, we got a verdict in the trial of mexican drug lord-- and may i point out, somebody's little boy-- el chapo. ( laughter ) of course, his real name is joaquin guzman loera. "el chapo" is his nickname, which translates roughly to "shorty." which is kind of disappointing. it's like finding out that beelzebub's real name is alan z. bub. ( laughter ) yesterday, a jury found el chapo guilty on all counts-- this $1billion during his career by smuggling up to 200 tons of drugs across the united states border in an array of yachts, speedboats, long-range
11:45 pm
fishing boats, airplanes, cargo trains, semi-submersible submarines, tractor-trailers filled with frozen meat and cans of jalapenos." ( laughter ) has he never heard of "the butt"? ( laughter ) it's-- it's the submarine of the body. so simple. >> jon: oh, no! >> stephen: so i've read. so i've read. >> jon: i don't know about that one. >> stephen: while the judge read the verdict, el chapo "sat listening to a translator looking stunned. which makes him the only personal in the who was surprised. "what?! but i was holding those 200 tons of drugs for a friend!" the trial itself was bizarre. toward the end, "alejandro edda, an actor who plays el chapo on the netflix series 'narcos: mexico' showed up at the trial to study him. the crime lord flashed an
11:46 pm
ecstatic smile when he told mr. edda had come to see him." i can understand that because the only thing more addictive than drugs is netflix. "baby, i can stop any time i want. just one more episode of 'russian doll.'" come on, it's cold in here." el chapo has escaped from mexican prison twice, so experts expect him to be sent to the federal government's supermax prison in florence, colorado, a place so remote and so austere that it has been called "the alcatraz of the rockies." el chapo's going to live under a mountain in colorado next to the unabomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, and matt lauer. ( laughter ) matt lme-- i assume thas tnow. s whataying is, "where in the world is matt lauer?" ( laughter ) federal-- he's fine. it's all just joiks. federal prosecutors are seeking $14 billion in forfeitures, and
11:47 pm
now ted cruz is demanding that el chapo pay for trump's border wall. ( laughter ) that's really gotts sting for el chapo, because that's money he was going to use for more yachts, speedboats, airplanes, cargo trains, and submarines to send drugs over, under, and around that stupid border wall. we've got a great show for you tonight. trevor noah is here. but when we come back. more sex in your marriage? the answer may surprise you. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: jon batiste and
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stay human right over there. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i swear, this is-- that band, that band right there is the reason-- >> audience: stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: no, no, band, band, band. these people right over there. unbelievable. i'm excited, i'm excited. trevor noah-- trevor noah is here tonight. >> jon: i love trevor. >> stephen: i always want to hear what that young man has to say. >> jon: he's coming out here in a minute. >> stephen: i have to do something else first. unless you would rather have him come out here. >> jon: i like when you do the thing at the desk after you do the thing when you stand. it's nice. >> stephen: okay, good. >> jon: i love it. >> stephen: i've got to depressurize. i've got to depressurize from that to there. if i go straight from that to there i get the bends. i'm changing gears right now. >> jon: i see, nice. >> stephen: i'm working the stick. not that one.
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( laughter ) but speaking of which, tomorrow is valentine's day. st. valentine, of course, was the patron saint of seasonal marketing. and if you have not picked something for sweetheart yet, you still have a lot of options. for instance, the olive garden is offering a breadstick bouquet for valentine's day. it's the perfect way to say, "let's get too logy to have sex tonight." ( laughter ) the bread bouquet comes wrapped in paper that says "my love for you is never ending," which is better than the original slogan, "when you're here, we should double-check we're not family." and, folks, it's not just olive garden, cinnabon is selling heart-shaped cinnapacks in a nine-count pack of mini-bon rolls-- for when you love her enough to buy her the best, as long as you don't have to leave the mall food court. ( laughter ) and for the meat-eating woman in your life, there's bouquets of
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"bacon roses." >> audience: ooooh! >> stephen: if you don't make her heart flutter, 40 slices of rolled up bacon will stop it dead. and folks-- ( cheers and applause ) applauding-- applauding cardiac arrest now. and if you're planning on getting frisky with your loved one, some folks are developing a new gadget that could help you out. it's called "the lovesync," and here's how it works: >> all you have to do is place the button at each of your bedsides, and when you're feeling a little randy, you just anonymously push the button. >> stephen: yes, it's completely anonymous. ( laughter ) that button could be pushed by absolutely anyone... who sleeps on the other side of your bed. tell us, nice lady! >> it lets you both know by emitting a swirling glow from
11:55 pm
the buttons. >> stephen: frs yes "from the buttons." at which point you may-- (robot voice): "commence mutual pleasuring. the button has spoken." basically, lovesync is tinder for couples. but there's only one other profile, and it belongs to the person with whom you share a toilet. the makers of lovesync say the device was created to increase sexual frequency, avoid awkward rejection, and improve romantic communication. oh, yes, improve romantic communication, not by actually speaking to your lover, but by staring hungrily at a glorified restaurant pager. "not now, honey. not now! i've watching the sex light! get away, get-- oh, stop it! stop it!" >> jon: that old light! >> stephen: some folks will appreciate the no-nonsense
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to the show! button that up. ladies and gentlemen, my first guest tonight is the emmy award winning but more importantly just delightful host of "the daily show" on comedy central. please welcome our friend, trevor noah. ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:02 am
>> stephen: good to see you. >> ah! thank you! thank you so much. >> stephen: thanks for coming over here. >> are you kidding. >> stephen: i know you have your own show tonight. >> when stephen colbert calls, you come. >> stephen: this all gets mixed into your executive time,. >> do you have executive time. >> stephen: i'm the executive producer on the show. >> i tell the people of truth of what i'm doing. they go, what, are you doing?" and i g, i need to nap." and i realize trump is smart. you call it executive time and you seem important. ayeil have to whisper to my assistant. she'll say, "i need you." and i go, "i need to go pooh." and she says, "i'll tell people you're busy." "this is executive time."
12:03 am
"is that why your office"-- this is executive time. >> stephen: i loved doing field pieces back in the day, but back in my at a, the host didn't do the field pieces. you just did an amazing field piece back in your home country in south africa. what was that like going back there now? >> it was amazing. i got to go to south africa for the global citizens festival, celebrating 100 years of nelson mandela's life. and was-- ( applause ). >> yeah, it was amaze ago. >> stephen: heard great things. >> great guy, really great guy. you should read up on him, great guy. what was cool i got to go home and it was a vest fall of music, people raising money and getting governments to act and commit more money to education and life-changing policies from people around the world. jay-z and beyonce were t it's the real reason i went. but going home is great. it's always great to go home. inictephen: how famous are you can you walk downtown street
12:04 am
there? >> i can, but i'll be chased. >> stephen: you're a one-man me. and partly because i owe a lot of people money. it's great. you know what's fun, though? south africa is an interesting place. it's beg but it's small. everyone feels like they know everybody. >> stephen: how big is it? >> we have a population of 50 million. >> stephen: that's a lot of people. >> let me put it this way-- to fly from one corner of africa to the other is a two-hour flight. it's too big. for people, they know me more. people will be like, "trevor! trevor!" "we're supposed to do this. we're supposed to hang out." my grandmother, for instance-- i interviewed my grandmother for "the daily show." she does not know what i do. when they say we saw your grandson on the show. she thinks they mean somewhere.
12:05 am
she says, they saw you on daily show. >> stephen: how old is she? >> my grandmother is 96, 96. >> stephen: still sharp? >> yeah. still, like, super sharp, super funny. >> stephen: was she a big part of your childhood? >> she was, she was. her big job was when my mom was working, her job was to keep me in the house and stop me from playing outside. i talk about this in my book. i wanted to play with the other kids, but because i was a mixed race child that was illegal in south africa and my grandmother had to keep me indoors because the preliminary accomplice would take me away. >> stephen: because the evidence of your crime is you. >> if you saw me, you would be like, my mom-- something happened here. there was some chocolate that mix the with something else. an c. the' car. tephen: you mentioned your book, "born ame ourn yt' really. >> stephen: here's the thing, that's one thing. the book comes out in paperback. sure, everybody does that. you have actually just put out
12:06 am
a-- it's trevor noah, "born a crime." this is a young reader's version of your book. >> yeah. you know why? i had so many parents come up to me, my kid loves the book but there are some words i don't want them to read. >> stephen: what's out of this book that's in this book that would destroy the minds of our children. >> like, in that book there might be the word mother... you know? just one time. it's part of a story. >> stephen: that's only difference? >> no, no, no. so, okay, okay, in that book, in that book, i tell the story of how i-- so my great-grandmother, who lived in the house with us was blind, and i tell the story how i took a (bleep) in the kitchen because i didn't want to go outside. the toilet was outside, and it was raining, and i didn't want to go outside. and it was just me and my blind grandmother and i took a (bleep) in the kitchen. and i didn't know she was there. and halfway through doing my business, i turned, and i was like, "aaahhh."
12:07 am
and her nose drinkled, and she was like, "is someone there. i tell the story. i keep the story in both books. but for the kids i say pooh. i don't say (bleep). but (bleep) was crazy. >> stephen: let me get to the most important question here. these two covers, okay. on one of them you're doing this. >> yes. >> stephen: right here. you're doing this on one. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: and you're doing this on the other. >> right. >> stephen: what is the difference between the two postures. >> i think for the children-- children-- children relate more to that second one there. the other a little more gritty. it's weathered -- this is how a child would draw this cover, i feel. that's basically what i was going for. >> stephen: it's not two different emotional states. >> it's relating, it's relating. it's for the children. >> stephen: everything you do is for the children. "the daily show" is for the children. >> i'm for the children. suffering children come to me for theirs are the kingdom of
12:08 am
heaven. >> stephen: amen, amen, reverend. the reverend dr. trevor noah over there. i'll join your cult. >> we both grew up in super religious catholics. >> stephen: yes, what was your. >> my mother converted to judaism. it was crazy for me because i had a bar mitzvah, but she didn't explain what that was, and all my friends were black and none of them came. if they knew it was a party people would have come. i'm like, "i'm having a bar bar mitzvah." and they're like, "what is that?" and i said, "i don't know." she said, "you're 13 and now you're a man." she didn't tell me want money part. when i tell my jewish friends now, i say, "i had a bar mitzvah." and they say, "how much did you get?" and i go to my mother, wrstles the money part. and she said we couldn't do the money part. >> stephen: are you jewish. >> miew mother is jewish.
12:09 am
she threw me into the bar mitzvah. i don't think it works like that. you don't get grandfathered in. it's not like obamacare. i don't get to come in just because i'm under a certain age. >> stephen: okay, all right. ( applause ) all right, let's talk-- let's talk about the news for just a moment, because i know you have to do your jo show. what do you think of what i called the kabuki theater of this week, where trump is pretending to be unhappy, and the democrats are pretengd they didn't give him something he wanted. what do you make this week and all the discussion of where he or won't he sign it? >> i'll be honest with you. i've gotten to the point where in america you need to limit all politicians to a single term. i'll be honest. i know this sounds crazy. but i think america has gotten it a place where all your politicians are more focused on getting re-elected than doing what they were elected to do. ( applause ) they're stressed about it. >> stephen: that's a meaningful argument. >> so trump, trump is stressed
12:10 am
because he wants to say he got the wall. he does not care if it's five meters of wall or 2,000 meters. he does not care. how many miles -- >> stephen: in his re-election commercial a wall is a wall. >> he just wants to say, "i got the wall." it's wild. "walls save lives. walls are the agreement thing. so great! so great!" >> stephen: as long as they're see-through. >> don't you love how whenever trump speaks it sounds like someone poured ants into his clothes just before he came out stage and they're biting him. so my fellow americans! i just wanted! you to know! we said! ( laughter ) >>en: we he to take a break. we'll be right back with more trevor noah. i want to ask him about jeff bezos' junk. it will be very, very high brow.
12:11 am
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withrevor noah. you mi a perspective on this. there's been a lot of trouble in the state of virginia. >> yes. >> stephen: in the last two weeks. >> yup. >> stephen: over revelations over politicians who have used blackface in the past. >> right. >> stephen: 39% of respondents in a poll just said they think it would be okay to wear
12:16 am
blackface in a halloween costume. >> these respondents are white people? >> stephen: uh, they didn't say in the poll. they just said-- >> no, i'm telling you, these respondents are white people. >> stephen: okay, good, good, sure. what can be said to drive home the idea that, no, that's not a good idea. >> i think in many ways america is always going to come into this problem if you do not have conversations around the history of the country, how america came to be, and conversations around race, right. so a lot of the time, americans want to jump quickly from, "okay, black people can't vote. now you can vote. everything is done. we can move on." you have to talk about the with. u haveo talk about themifis of . mificaons of ve to talk about the ramifications of the minstrel shows. if you were taught aboutace oo symbolism and what it means, then i think a lot more white people would understand. but, like, a apartment of me
12:17 am
also goes i can understand how a person can be ignorant and say, "well, i don't get it. i've seen-- i've seen white chicks. why is that okay? the wayans brothers did white chixz. why can't i use blackface." because white face was never used to oppress anybody, other than moviegovernorrers. you know what i'm saying? >> stephen: that's quality entertainment. >> it's a fun movie -- >> stephen: one of the things i like about south africa, one of the things i admired was the truth and wreckob sillation. >> it wasn't perfect. >> stephen: but it was an attempt to do something. >> that's like with me, governor northam, i would keep that guy in office for as long as possible because now he's being forced to talk. it. that's what people should be doing, have the conversations. go out there and say, "this what i did. this is what i don't understand. let's have these conversations." and listen. and northam has to listen now. he's like, "i'm reading 'roots'." i want a governor who is reading
12:18 am
"roots. >> stephen: somebody this make a tv series about this. >> that would be a good show. but a minow,. >> stephen: howard schultz. >> howard schultz. >> stephen: howard schultz is almost too boring it talk about. like cnn had him on last night. >> yes. >> stephen: for a town hall. and i don't think anybody watched. evidently it was the lowest rated thing in the history of humanity. but what do you make of a person who, like, 40% of the people have even heard of his name. >> right. >> only 4% think him running is a good idea. >> i think howard schultz is another example of how when you are an extremely rich person you live in an entitled bubble that makes you think you can do whatever you want and the world actually reinforces that idea. >> stephen: i never cease to amaze-- i never cease to money k you know what you don't know. >> because you have all of it. i understand that. if i wer billionaire i would think i know everything. >> stephen: you know everything other than not to take pictures of your penis.
12:19 am
as jeff bezos has proven to us. >> we'll get to that. but here's the thieng here's with the of the thing with howard schultz -- >> stephen: will we get to jeff bezos. >> we'll make room for his penis. we'll get to his penis, my friend. ( laughter ) here's the thing about howard schultz for me is, if you're a billionaire-- he wouldn't be getting this coverage if he was any other population. they would go, "what's your polling? we're not even going to put ow tv." if you look at his policies he's being disingenuous. run as a democrat and if your policies are good enough, you'll be a primary winner. but he knows they're not, so he'll run as an independent. all you're doing, all you're doing is stealing votes and messing things up for people. america really doesn't have choice. they have two choices. if you believe in your ideas, go fight your ideas up against other ideas and see what happens. >> stephen: and you know you'll never lose your primary funder, yourself. >> exactly. >> stephen: you'll stand by you. >> as for the penises i'm
12:20 am
shocked that jeff bezos was taking (bleep) for himself. at that level of well, i would have a (bleep) here. i'm just going to put it out there. >> stephen: have annie leibowitz come in. amazing. >> i would tell, like, may executive-- "daniel make sure you send a (bleep) pick to sarah and-- get my catalog. inta giearo del toro. i want that level. >> stephen: tell them to bring the imax camera. >> i want portratur. i don't want to send picks if i'm a billion air. i want these things painted. i will send you marble sculptures of my penis if i had that kind of money. >> stephen: maybe like a picasso. give me six of them. >> that's what disappointed me about jeff bezos? (bleep) pics. they all look poor, steve glen they all look poor.
12:21 am
>> oh, bleh, bleh... >> stephen: you have to haik out with a better class of (bleep), my friend. well, on that high note, let's-- it's for young readers. it's "born a crime," trevor noah, and the paperback. thanks, trevor. we'll be right back with natasha lyonne. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) with scrubbing bubbles cleaning doesn't have to stink. it gets rid of tough soap scum and it smells amazing. it's cleaning reinvented. sc johnson. ♪"human sacrifice" by childish gambino♪ ♪
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back! folks, ladies and gentlemen, you know my next guest as nicky nichols in "orange is the new black." she now directs, writes, and stars in the new netflix series, "russian doll." please welcome natasha lyonne! ( cheers and applause ) ow ♪ ♪
12:29 am
( applause ) >> stephen: hello. >> hello. >> stephen: nice to see you again. >> the theater district, manhattan. >> stephen: exactly. welcome back. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> stephen: how are you? >> i'm pretty good, pretty good. wild times, all the time. >> stephen: wild times for you or the world? >> i mean, it's all-- it's all one big idea. everything is upside down all time. >> stephen: everything seems-- everything seems-- the word i like is just weird. >> yes, yes. >> stephen: weird, as if we're under some sort of spell. >> weird i would say is generous, i would say generous. >> stephen: what would you say "f" and weird. i would just add to it. >> stephen: evin weird. >> yes. >> >> stephen: when you say "the theater district "are you familiar with-- you've done broadway. >> oh, yeah, i've walked these streets many years, decades. yeah ( applause ). >> stephen: you've worked them, right? you haven't just walked them. >> oh, yeah, i know this town.
12:30 am
>> stephen: how long you have been working as a professional actress? >> i have sag card from noon 1984. >> stephen: okay. >> 1984. i mean-- ( applause ) thank you so much. there's a lot of sag union members here tonight. it's incredible the way people show up for the union. >> stephen: sure, exactly. >> jimmy hoffa is a major guy. >> stephen: we miss him. >> and i love teamster displz because they can lift things. >> and they're excellent drivers, which i am not. so many reasons why i love them. >> stephen: "russian doll," your new netflix show is the toast of the town ( applause ). >> thank you. >> stephen: it's the toast of the town. >> yeah, i mean, i'll be honest, i'm, you know, i'm overwhelmed with the amount of kind of goodness. this is something i've worked on for so long. like, like, you know, we're indicating it's been a lifetime of kind of acquiring information. >> stephen: how long have you worked on this project? >> on this project specifically,
12:31 am
i would say about seven years. i actually found these old emails, you know, in the theater district, i had done this wonderful play with nora ephron, and her sister dealia ephron, who i'm still very close with. and i don't know how i was searching for it, but it popped up with this old email from norah what was, "what we discussed today. a tv show. you play a character named nadia." and i always name my characters after nadia, after my favorite gymnast nadeciy. she chain sex oro d it's allri like norah. in a way it was deeply moving. so it goes back a while. is and then, of course, you know, amy poehler and how she really sort of called me up and set it off. >> stephen: so for the people who don't know. explain the premise of the show. >> well, you know, life. and, uh, this is how we pitched it stephen. >> stephen: i understand, i
12:32 am
understand, yeah, i understand. >> and here we are and so on. ( laughter ). >> stephen: but your character-- am i giving anything away to say this? >> no, please. >> stephen: at the end of every episode your character dies. >>-- >> sh, ish, often -- >> stephen: in every episode. >> yeah, and i mean, on a deeper level, i would say that it's really about kind of a metaphorical bottoming out that i really have, you know, a deep relationship to based on my own life, which is why it felt sort of not too far fetched and a little bit an it "all that jazz" or "your life is calling," which is a hit nobody really watches. >> stephen: and they went wild for your "all that jazz" reference, too. >> stephen: i'm with you. >> knocking it out of the park all day. >> stephen: i got you. do we have a clip here? we have a clip here of you trying to explain to someone-- your character is aware of what's happening to her.
12:33 am
>> oh, yeah, she's aware and sort of up against the wall, trying to stop it. you know, it's-- it's a snow globe of horror that she's in. and it takes place here in manhattan, one of the-- you know, a place where horrors abound. so -- >> stephen: who are you talking to in this clip? >> i'm not sure who you are going to show. oh, ruth, based on my real got mother ruth, a high roller at the casinos, mostly slot machines. a true story. >> stephen: jim. >> i went to maxine's, we got into a fight. so i tried to leave. i fell down the stairs. i broke my neck, and i died. >> okay... >> okay. so then, i'm back at the party. i try to leave, you know. fall down stairs, break my neck.
12:34 am
again. right. so i died. i died. i died. i died. it's four times. >> you are such a difficult teenager. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i believe it. thank you for being here. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> stephen: "russian doll" is available on netflix. natasha lyonne, everybody! we'll be right back! ♪ ♪
12:35 am
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late show." tune in tomorrow when my guest will be bradley cooper.


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